About FM WORLD Australia & New Zealand

About FM WORLD Australia & New Zealand

FM WORLD launched in Australia in 2006, and due to its popularity was welcomed into New Zealand in 2010. 

The reason is very simple.  Australia is a favorite destination of Artur Trawinski, the FM WORLD owner, returning many times to visit the natural beauty of Australia and the care free nature of the Australian people who he has come to love.

It was love at first sight.

But what is there not to love about Australia and New Zealand?

Both are filled with natural wonders, great people, stunning nature.  Two true unique wonders of the world.

The larrikin, open mindedness and easygoing nature of your typical Australian and New Zealander is a perfect match to the FM WORLD mission. Offering the individual the highest quality products, a vehicle to financial rewards, a unique and fantastic lifestyle. All in a fun loving, exciting environment without compromise to true Australian and New Zealander values of honesty and integrity.


We create products you can trust. We offer fair business principles of working together in an atmosphere of mutual trust.


We create energy and excitement in pursuit of each other’s ambitions, goals and achievements. We cross national borders and thinking patterns.


Our business model is a vehicle to financial freedom regardless of gender, age, race, social status or cultural difference.  The inspiration for growth is the cultural diversity of our members. We respect our Business Partners, their independence and difference of opinion.


We share knowledge and products. We care for each other and the environment. We provide today for future generations to enjoy.


We have the boldness and courage to change the world for the better; we promote, ‘the spirit of free enterprise’.


 The FM World Australia & NZ branch is Directed by Jacqueline and Tony.