July 8, 2017

First Amethyst Star!

Yes, that’s right! It's official news ! Another level in the Marketing Plan III! For the first time in history of FM WORLD the Amethyst Star has been reached by Krzysztof Cybul !!!


Krzysztof Cybul is a perfect speaker and a networker, a person who enthuses others. Krzysztof Cybul entered the FM WORLD Club in 2005 to, as he says, buy perfumes. He soon discovered that MLM is an...

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June 28, 2017

UTIQUE perfume Ruby - the most beautiful fragrance!

UTIQUE perfume Ruby won in the Qltowy Kosmetyk 2017 contest! Magnetism, passion, seduction, the most wonderful emotions locked in glass - the Jury fell in love with this amazing composition.

This was the twenty-first edition of the contest organised by the "Magazyn Kosmetyki " this year. Over 600 products in 40 categories were judged, out of which the best in Poland were selected. The jury,...

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March 3, 2017

GNF 2017 – RECORD ticket sales

The second edition of the Global Networking Forum has already recorded in history as an event that enjoys the greatest interest of FM WORLD Business Partners. In just 5 days nearly 2000 people bought the tickets at an absolutely attractive price! Do not miss your chance to participate in the biggest MLM event! The first week of ticket sales proved the event to be highly popular. Please...

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December 6, 2016

Krzysztof Cybul in the Star Club!

Krzysztof Cybul has just joined the prestigious group of FM WORLD Polska Jasper Stars! He earned the title in November 2016 by proving that commitment really pays off, and passion is the best key to success. "If I do what I like, can it be called work?" – he asks rhetorically.

Krzysztof Cybul entered the FM WORLD Club in 2005 to, as he says, buy perfume. He soon discovered that MLM is an...

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October 24, 2016

Meet FM Distribution. Act, wherever you want!

For 12 years we have been creating products which you can trust and offering fair business principles that provide the financial freedom to the Partners in dozens of Branches in the world. We have the boldness and courage to change the world for the better and now we want to go one step further!

FM Distribution is a response to the needs of people all around the world who have not had access...

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May 30, 2016

A New Direction for FM World Australia and NZ


New name, new logo and a new direction for FM World Australia and New Zealand.

Please welcome Tony and Jacqueline, as the new directors for FM World Australia and New Zealand, who will carry us to the next level of the business.

For a long time, FM World Australia and New Zealand Business Partners have relied on the successful European Countries for inspiration and motivation. But it...

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