October 24, 2016

Meet FM Distribution. Act, wherever you want!

Meet FM Distribution. Act, wherever you want!

For 12 years we have been creating products which you can trust and offering fair business principles that provide the financial freedom to the Partners in dozens of Branches in the world. We have the boldness and courage to change the world for the better and now we want to go one step further!

FM Distribution is a response to the needs of people all around the world who have not had access to FM WORLD products. From now on you can buy them in every corner of the world, on all continents! Thereby, we become one of the most widely active MLM companies in the world!

This is also a new way of sponsorship – Business Partners will be able to invite to cooperation people from the markets where this activity has not been possible so far. The new person will become a part of FM WORLD and the points achieved will support both your groups and the Worldwide Point Turnover.


We offer you free delivery from 400 points all over the world or from 300 points in Europe.

Visit our website at our webshop where you can find the products prices:


Soon information on incentive programmes will also appear on our website.



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