Rules of registration

Rules of registration

Rules of registration

Join the FM WORLD Club to enjoy fantastic products and the lifestyle you always dreamed of. From the moment you start you can save up to 30% on our already very affordable products.


By filling up the online registration here


You agree to the following



I agree to receive commercial information to the e-mail address or phone number provided by me, i.e. to receive advertisements and notifications related to marketing products and services placed on the market under the Trademarks of "FM WORLD" and "FM WORLD Club".

I agree to disclose my personal data on the FM WORLD AUSTRALIA & NZ or FM WORLD Branch website by the FM WORLD AUSTRALIA or an FM WORLD Branch, which is available to other Network participants. In case of refusal of the consent, I will be present on the Network’s website only under the assigned Business Partner’s Number.

I declare that without the purchase of a starter kit I shall only have the status of a Preferred Customer (FM WORLD Club Member that can only order products and collect commission earned for personal purchases; cannot however build a sales structure and make profit out of it).

I agree to receive correspondence via email to the address provided by me or through an individual panel available by logging on



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