Our Collections

Our Collections

Our Collections

The main product line of FM World is the high quality perfume and fragrance brand FM, FEDERICO MAHORA made in cooperation with Perfand and Drom Fragrances

Individual style is the art of choice!

The FM Fragrances offer stylish fragrance compositions to emphasise your personality and they all contain at least 20% of fragrance. 


 A wide choice of marvelous fragrances, combining classic elegance and unique form. Their classic design was inspired by travel, art and philosophy. The mesmerising effect is appreciated even by the individuals with the most sublime of tastes in perfumes. 


Your favourite Federico Mahora fragrances enriched with pheromones which are odourless and 100% safe. When added to a fragrance composition, pheromones do not change its original scent. They add a new transcendent dimension to it.


Series of most popular Federico Mahora perfumes presented in a more intense version with the fragrance content of up to 30%. It is the fragrance content that decides on perfume durability, so on how long you can enjoy it. The most intense version is an excellent evening choice.


Unique, elegant and chic. 'Dressed' in wonderful bottles, which highlight our fragrances beauty. In this collection you will find both women's perfumes and men's fragrances. They are perfect for those who like to emphasise their character with an excellent choice of fragrance, matching them like the second skin.


Represents the quality that so far could have been experienced when visiting small, highly exclusive boutiques in small districts of the world’s fashion capitals. Drawing upon the knowledge of world class senseliers, UTIQUE Unisex Luxury Perfumes are a line of niche fragrances made with top quality ingredients – elixirs with high concentration of essential oils. Perfection, created for those who wish to escape from everyday life and head towards the most sophisticated experiences. 


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